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Offer Submission Checklist


HomeSteps, REO Unit of Freddie Mac, defines a legitimate offer as one having all components outlined below. The buyer(s)

and their agent must provide all of the requested information for the offer to be considered by HomeSteps. Please use this as a checklist when submitting an offer to HomeSteps.


Offer Requirements

❏ The offer must be in writing including all required addenda

❏ All terms of the offer must be clearly stated in the contract documents

❏ The offer must be signed by the buyer(s)

❏ The offer must be dated by the buyer(s)


Buyer(s) must answer the following questions

❏ Is the buyer an owner occupant or an investor

❏ Is the buyer a first time buyer

❏ Is the buyer a licensed real estate agent

❏ Is the buyer a Freddie Mac/HomeSteps employee

❏ Is the buyer a Freddie Mac/HomeSteps supplier or a relative of the supplier

❏ Is the buyer the previous mortgagor, relative of the previous mortgagor or purchasing for the benefit of the

previous mortgagor

❏ Buyer(s) name in which they will take title

❏ If the buyer is an investor, how will the investor take title

❏ Pre-qualification letter or proof of funds letter for cash offers*

❏ Sales price

❏ Close date

❏ Amount of earnest money*

❏ Type of financing

❏ % Loan to value


*Note to the HomeSteps assigned listing broker: If all other required fields are provided but the buyer did not provide earnest money and/or prequalification or proof of funds letter, enter the offer in HomeSteps Connect (HSC) by indicating N/A in the pre-qualification/proof of funds field and/or

$1.00 in the earnest money field and note the top comment box.


Selling agent must answer the following questions

❏ Is the selling agent the same as the listing broker

❏ Selling agent company name

❏ Selling agent name

❏ Selling agent phone number


Please note: HomeSteps authorizes the assigned listing broker to reject incomplete offers, as defined above, on

HomeSteps’ behalf.